Our Work

Perfometer works with commercial dairy and pastures business, international organizations and NGO implementing Agriculture (crop and livestock) programs in the East Africa region. Some of the key clients that Perfometer has been working with SNV (Netherlands Development Organization), EAFF (East Africa Farmers’ Federation) and SMS & ECOM, MINICOM (Rwanda) among others in Agriculture diverse projects in Kenya and East Africa.

Locally, we have been consulting Dairy cooperatives to reach a big number of small and medium scale dairy farmers going for change. We offer practical training through our trained youthful team of private extension services providers. Services offered range from fodder planning and establishment, fodder preservation (making silage) feeding management, Cows house management, Young stock management, among other related services.

We continue to demonstrate our expertise and application in workshops, forums with medium scale farmers (organized in what we refer to Medium-Scale Farmers Forum (MFF)) and on-the-farm training where we engage farmers with advisory services (like Dairy Farm Benchmarking (DFB)) and practical training on their farms. Dairy farmers wishing to start from scratch can get advisory services using our Dairy Investment Plans (DIP).

We also organize international farmer exposure trips to Europe to promote transfer of international practices back home.

How we Work

After serious observation of cows and surroundings (see, hear, feel, smell, touch) we look at success factors, bottlenecks and improvement points. We manage realistic assessments, scoping of projects, Manage advisory teams for specific projects and deliver finished work assignment as per client requests. We go further and offers customized work deliverables that favor the client and work.

Working with an independent team of Perfometer consultants allows you the significant value of having the flexibility and opportunity to be independent in choosing market options, while utilizing competitive pricing and value-for-your-money. At the same time, Perfometer’s consultants truly work together as a team, to provide a unique and broad offering of services, tools, and expertise.

Scope & skills set

In 2015, Perfometer was involved in advisory work across different in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda and Ghana. Across all these cases, the firm continues to exhibit professionalism. Off all the projects carried out in 2013 and 2014, 90% were in the dairy sector. The firm has set out a commitment to grow deeper rather than wider, by intensifying the dairy knowledge and skills on Total dairy management subjects.

The firm employs ten in-house advisors whose skills range from Dairy nutrition, livestock production systems, animal production, agribusiness management, Economics, business management and Horticultural Sciences. Additionally, the firm benefits from external experts who support in building the capacity of the in-house advisory team, the external experts have skills in Commercial Fodder production, Dairy nutrition, Total farm management and Tropical Forages Agronomy. The skill base is demand driven rather than supply driven with all the skill sets matched with the various dairy advisory areas as follows.

Thematic issues Essential (in-house) skills
Fodder Production, Seed systems, soil, land preparation, weeding, harvesting and post- harvest BSc. and MSc. in Horticulture, Exposure in international forage production practices
Dairy feeding, ration formulation, Calving, calf rearing, Dry feeding, Doctoral Degree in dairy nutrition, BSc. in animal production (UON and Egerton)
Breeding systems, Fertility, milking systems, udder health, cow comfort Doctoral Degree in Livestock production (UON)
Cow House Design and Constructions Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
Data in Dairy, ICT applications in Dairy Production. BSc. in Mathematics, professional qualifications in ICT applications (UON)
Business planning, Dairy Economics, Gross margins and cost benefit analysis. Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor’s degree in Economics (UON)