Investors Academy

Academy of Dairy Investors

Professional Dairy Management Course for Investors

A practical training designed to help you run a profitable dairy business

6-days of  Training (3 days per week)

In  2017 our next class start from April, July & October

Venue: Gracia Gardens, Kilimani, Nairobi & On-farm

The future of dairy in Kenya is bright, and dairy ventures remain attractive given the growing demand for raw milk and processed products. However, Dairy Investors struggle to achieve optimization in the enterprises for various reasons. If you aim at optimal profits for your dairy production enterprise, whether existing or start-up, this is your course!

 Course topics

The course will be delivered through interactive presentations, discussions, interactions with progressive dairy investors and visits to carefully selected dairy farms. The course facilitators have vast experiences in the subject of dairy business, both locally and in European dairy sector like the Netherlands.

The course will cover the following topics, that are critical to a profitable dairy farm:

  1. Best practices in herd feeding and nutrition
  2. Young stock management (Calf-to-heifer)
  3. Dairy profitability and optimization
  4. Fertility and breeding management
  5. Cow signals and cow house designs
  6. Soil nutrition for optimal fodder production
  7. Dairy start-up plans and process
  8. Dairy Records and management decisions

Course delivery

The Professional Dairy Management course will be run for 6 days spread out in 2 weeks. Training sessions will be delivered in-class and on-the-farm; 5 days in-class training on week one from Thursday to Saturday (on-the-farm visit). During week two, we’ll start on Wednesday to Friday and in one of the days invite a guest speaker session to discuss managing a medium scale dairy farm. The course ends with a certificate ceremony and Cocktail.

Package: Meals and Stationery, a Cow Signals General Guide Book, Presentation handouts, Dairy Excel Sheets and Tools as wells as transport (to the farm and Nairobi) during the training will be provided.

Course fees: Kshs. 59,500/- plus VAT

Venue: Gracia Gardens, on Denis Pritt Road and on-farm visit

Save 5% with early booking (30-day) to training event   

Call us on tel: 0726 582 828 or 0706 553 905