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Cows send out useful information every moment of the day. You just need to know how to read the signals. We train advisors and dairy managers in the field of practical dairy farming. We focus on the cows’ demands on barn feed and care. Dairy farming is about cows after all. Our lectures inform and confront in a pleasant way. Our training is instructive and practical. Our advice is to the point and based on scientific knowledge. Our aim is “Happy cows, happy farmers”.

The products on offer include Dairy Business Plans for start-up Dairy Farms, Dairy Farm Benchmarking (DFB) for existing dairy farms, On-farm Training, Cow House design and Constructions, ICT integration in Dairy Data Management, and Development and distribution of internationally reputable Dairy literature from accredited dairy consulting companies especially in the Netherlands.

Perfometer has developed products/solutions that address the gaps in the dairy value chain with a huge focus and support on the producers, the dairy farmers and pasture farmers. Solutions for the dairy farmers on:

  • Herd management
  • Breeding management
  • Cow housing/barn design
  • Feeding management
  • Records management
  • Dairy management training
  • Books and publishing