About Us

Perfometer started as an agribusiness consulting house, with a wide range of agriculture sectors, however there is now deliberate effort to focus on the dairy advisory and consultancy. Perfometer agribusiness consulting company is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with 12 in-house consultants in dairy management, agronomy, cow house design architects, economists, commercialization and information technology (ICT).

To be able to accomplish this, we have built our capacity in a wide range of dairy subjects through exposure mainly to Dutch dairy practice, and interaction with international dairy consultants who provide the much needed coaching to our workforce. Besides the advisory work, our team emphasizes application of these values. Our values provide the basis on which our practice is founded, while it matters what we do, it matters much more how we do it to ensure that there is a uniform corporate response from Perfometer People to our clients.

At PERFOMETER we stand for: Professionalism, Efficiency, Responsiveness, Flexibility, Optimization, Measurement, Environment smart, Team work, Extra mile and Results. To ensure that these values are inculcated as the key pillar for our corporate culture, we Plan how such values will be manifested in our work, and aim to Perform in accordance to our plans. We believe that to Prosper in our work is not by chance but by design – hence the commitment to begin by planning.

We have supported network of over 400 farmers in 20 Medium-scale farmers forums(MFFs), 20 cooperatives with over 200,000 small and medium dairy farmers, over 20 subsistence and commercial fodder producers.

Perfometer is organized in business advisory units, with variety of industry experts, including all-rounded, that conduct business with customers categorized either by regions or scale of business. We strategically support small-scale farmers (in hundreds) organized in large cooperatives and those medium scale farmers under groups with 20 to 30 farmers. We also support large scale commercial farmers, commercial fodder producers (CFPs), in establishing and managing successfully their fodder ventures.

Business units and headquarters exchange knowledge and experience, in order to develop and deliver the best herd solutions available to dairy and other general farmers in the region. Perfometer’s strategic business units include:

  • Performance Management and Planning (PMP)
  • Subsistence & Commercial Fodder Production (SCFP)
  • Dairy Economics and Skills Transfer DEST
  • Value Chain Analysis and Market Assessment
  • Cow Barn Design & Construction (CBDC)
  • Data Management Systems(DMS)
  • Training Agriculture Commodities Husbandry (TACH)

Perfometer currently delivers its services to farmers mainly located in East Africa, or over 6 countries with support headquartered in Kenya.

Core Business Advisors

David Maina | Economics & Math (UON) | MBA (L&IBD) | CPA | M&E (KIM)

David MainaDavid is an Agribusiness Advisor as well as the Technical Director Perfometer. Prior to joining Perfometer, he worked as an Advisor in the Agriculture Sector of SNV (2009 – 2013). He worked earlier on with Youth Enterprise Fund as Head of Enterprise Development (2008), Opportunity Micro-credit as Marketing and Product Development manager (2007) and Farm Concern International as an Agriculture Value Chains Advisor (2004). David has focused on Agribusiness Advisory as his area of practice, with Dairy sector as the flagship sector in Perfometer.

David holds an MBA in Leadership and International Business Development (2010-2012), a Bachelors’ Degree from University of Nairobi in Economics and Mathematics (1999-2003) and other applied certifications in Financial Reporting (CPA) and Total dairy Management from the Netherlands. His practice spanning 10 years to-date, is informed by formal training and exposure to other contexts in East Africa, West Africa and the Netherlands.

Besides mainstream advisory work in the Dairy Economics, David works as the head of business at Perfometer and is in charge of the capacity development of the consulting workforce.

James Ngatia | Math (UON) | MBA (L&IBD)

james-ngatiaJames is a Business Systems Development Advisor at Perfometer. Since joining Perfometer in 2013, he has been involved in Agribusiness projects with EAFF, SNV, SMS-HIVOS, and Ministry of Commerce-Republic of Rwanda. His focus is around Agribusiness and, more than often, loves taking roles in ICT for development project assignments.

Before joining Perfometer, James was running ICT start-ups companies. He worked extensively in the ICT and Education sectors as an International Business and Product Development professional. Since 2005, he accumulated over 8 years of experience in business consulting, strategy development, ICT project management and implementing enterprise systems as well as the design and delivery of ICT based workplace learning solution technologies.

James holds an MBA in Leadership and International Business Development (2012), a BSc in Mathematics and Chemistry (2006), qualification in PRINCE2 Project Management (2014), Information Security management Systems Implementation (ISO/IEC 2700:2013), among other soft skill courses in communication and business. He is a self-taught techie on loads of ICT programs and mobile applications and has a working experience of 8 years.


Cyrus Kabuga | Economics (UON) | MSc Agribusiness (KU)

Cyrus is the Performance and Monitoring Advisor at Perfometer. He is passionate about agribusiness, youth skills development programs and dairy projects. He has 10 years’ work experience in the skills development process across different sectors, retail banking on agriculture products and consumer credit, research and business field; training in Sudan (2004-205, Banking (2007-2009) and Economic Development Projects as a Junior Consultant in SNV (2010-2012) and later at Perfometer (2013).

He has expertise in project evaluations, baseline surveys, market research and feasibility studies, training needs assessment and rapid appraisal, capacity assessment and capacity building for entrepreneurs, farmer associations and Community-Based Organizations.

Cyrus Kabuga holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Economics and Accounting from University of Nairobi (1999-2003) and pursuing MSc. Agribusiness at Kenyatta University. He is mainly involved in supporting Perfometer Team in planning and monitoring projects.

Angela Gitau | BSc Animal Production (Egerton University)

Angela Gitau is the Total Dairy Management Assistant at Perfometer. Before joining Perfometer she had worked at BLGG now known as Soilcares as a Market Research Analyst (2012 -2013). Intern at SNV- Netherlands Development Organisation in the Kenya Market-led Dairy Program on the assignment of Trends in the Feed and Fodder Sub-sector in Kenya (2012-2013).

Angela holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Animal Production from Egerton University (2008-2012). In Perfometer, Angela is involved in Total Dairy Management and is now spearheading the Medium Farmers’ Forum (MFF), which is mainly working with farmers’ with a milking herd that produces over 100 litres of milk and above daily.

Elisha Kemboi | BSc Horticulture (JKUAT)

elishaElisha is the Assistant Forage Agronomist at Perfometer. Since joining in 2014, he has been involved in Agronomic advisory for the subsistence fodder component. In the last year he benefited from direct coaching through the PUM (Netherlands Senior Expert Program) supported missions of commercial fodder production which he co-hosted together with the Senior Agronomist at Perfometer. He is involved with monitoring of the commercial fodder farms supported under this program.

Before joining Perfometer, he worked as a research agronomist at Exotic Fields (2013 -14). Karen Roses as an intern (Jan-April, 2012) and Twiga Chemicals as an intern (Jan-April, 2011). Elisha holds a BSc in Horticulture (upper class) from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (2009-2012).

John Njue | BSc Architecture (UON | EIA.

John joined Perfometer in 2014 at the roll-out of the cow barn designs at Perfometer. John worked closely with renowned international dairy experts, The Friesian and Vetvice both based in the Netherlands. He has over 10 years of experience in real estate planning and constructions.

John holds a BSc. Degree in Architecture from the University of Nairobi (2004) and a certification in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), He is a member of the Architectural association of Kenya (AAK). John heads the Cow Barn Design function at Perfometer and works with our associate contractors to respond to client needs on cow barn designs.


First and foremost, our advisory work begins with our own learning. Dairy sector is surrounded with non-facts and half -truths, we consult authentic publications and experienced dairy professionals to inform our advisory practice.

Perfometer is mainly involved in contextualizing Dutch dairy practice in East Africa, and this brings in a wealth of Data and Experience that has informed the Dutch dairy practice for many years.

We demonstrate our knowledge by telling it in different forums, this takes place under the DEST which is the Dairy Extension Services and Training Department. The true test of training is in the knowledge and skills transfer. For the kind of clients that we work with knowledge and skills transfer is demonstrated by the extent to which such knowledge has been applied in practice. Changes in the farm operations must lead to additional incomes for the dairy farmer or the investor, it is through this additional income that the farmer or the investor is able to pay for the services that we have provided.

Ideally, Perfometer represents the supply side of skills, while our clients represent the demand side of the same, once we are paid for the services, it makes it possible for our business our a market based solution, and makes the model self-propelled. An investor who earns additional value from our services should be able pay for our services because the farmer’s surplus (share) is much higher than that of the service provider. It is this proven value on the part of the service recipient and the consideration (earning) on our part that assures growth for both (supply and demand enterprises) enterprises.

At the impact level, it is expected that the additional incomes would increase the investor’s purchasing power and improve his or her quality of life. This becomes the bottom-line of our involvement in dairy advisory, to grow ourselves by growing others.