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    10 Principles of good dairy management: Balanced feeding and fodder preservation

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    Professional Dairy Management Course A practical training designed to help you run a profitable dairy business

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Welcome to Perfometer

We are a professional agribusiness consulting company offering advice and consultancy to the agricultural sector. However, we have a deliberate effort and focus in dairy advisory and project management services. Perfometer agribusiness consulting company is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, and operates Africa wide.

The firm’s main advisory office is based in Nairobi but with daily dairy operations in Central, Eastern and Nakuru (Central rift). Perfometer’s growth as Dairy advisory centre is boosted by its internal capacity as evidenced by the consulting personnel therein, and the opportunities to interact with international Dairy Expertise from the Netherlands, mainly facilitated through SNV’s capacity development process on its Local Capacity builders that Include Perfometer.

The firm is pillared on three principles which is Plan, Perform, Prosper. This is a linear results trajectory where Plan represents the input or activity stage of projects, Perform represents both the output and outcome stage where a project must show positive results while Prosper represents the impact level where the targeted beneficiaries are expected to be empowered enough to generate their own happiness.


Farm benchmarking

When you are already running your dairy farm and you have no idea of how your farm is doing, or you really know things are not going right, Perfometer consultants will come to you farm, assess your barn and operations, and develop a report that gives an indication of your current situation. Our benchmark report will help you make key priority changes, with practical advice.

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Cow barn design

Are you planning to build a new barn? Or thinking about renovating your current barn? If so, Perfometer provides independent advice on designing, renovating and building barns for dairy cows. Our barn designs have special focus on your cows and their health, work efficiency, simplicity and the future. Investing sensibly in cow comfort, cow traffic and less work pays dividends every day.

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Dairy Academy

Want to broaden your knowledge of starting, managing and organizing a dairy farm, or as another business? We have designed flexible training with theory and practical lectures, organized into one-day per week or weekend for 6 weeks. We cover all aspects and running operations in a dairy farm business, and if you need specific advice tailored to your farm, ask one of our consultants.

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Extension Services

Having trouble with establishing fodder, preservation or sourcing? We have a youthful team grouped under SPEN Kenya to help you establish fodder, harvest and make silage on your farm. Services Providers Enterprises Network (SPEN) are trained to help cascade dairy management knowledge and positioned to increase competitiveness and overall productivity for small and medium scale farmers.

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When it’s dairy, choose Perfometer. Reach us today, and we’ll expose you to modern dairy management, international literature and organize workshops in Holland.

Are ready to introduce ICT-based solution for your cows? Call and find out how you can the Uniform-Agri dairy herd Management software installed on your farm.

Producing quality milk is a complex process and in today’s highly competitive dairy industry, there is little room for error. Try our advice, get insights on how to change.